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For people outside Britain. Yes, it's true. They created an algorithm that gave state-sector students lower marks than those who went to private schools. And this fact of which school they went to was part of the algorithm. So more private-school kids can go to university now.

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Este ano, por conta da pandemia, seria um ótimo momento para testar esta idéia do falecido Rubem Alves: sorteio no ingresso em universidade públicas

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FLOSS is necessary for reproducible science, funded by taxpayer money anyway, should be mandatory like open access papers

Last point: think about why tech companies release FLOSS software

They get free labor, market share, and control competition with "free" software twitter.com/otrasenda_AC/statu

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Whenever I discover that I am writing a *long* review (meaning I am opinionated and have expertise), I try to force myself to propose acceptance of the paper, despite the many problems I see. This research explains why this might make sense. 👇 twitter.com/emollick/status/12

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Parabéns, @awdren@twitter.com! Uma das três melhores teses de Doutorado em Engenharia de Software do Brasil!

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Compilers aren't political? If you forget a bracket in print("hello world") Python will say

"SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing"

How is that not entirely inaccessible to people without prior knowledge or outside help? And who is likely to have that help? Exactly. twitter.com/nickblack/status/1

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Um podcast sobre Engenharia de Software que traz opinião de pesquisadores e profissionais da indústria ? Temos: @FronteirasES@twitter.com . Agrega muito conteúdo! Pode ser fonte de conhecimento para você e sua comunidade (ex: alunos, parceiros, orientandos) anchor.fm/fronteirases

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Better produced and edited videos you can find here: Phoenix LiveView Tetris in Elixir
"A live coding session by @redrapids@twitter.com, coding Tetris in Phoenix LiveView"

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This badly recorded video already has 233 views (much more than average for my channel)
Creating an Elixir project with mix and doing TDD


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On Monday, August 17th, we're having a virtual workshop on Software Developer Diversity and Inclusion Research. Join us, won't you? sophiehsqq.com/sddi/ @denaefordrobin@twitter.com @sophiehsqq@twitter.com @margaretstorey@twitter.com

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+ um episódio do @FronteirasES@twitter.com , dessa vez com a @dscruzes@twitter.com pesquisadora do SINTEF na Noruega. a gente tá indo pro quinto episódio dessa jornada, me conta oq vcs têm achado dessa temporada ?!!! twitter.com/fronteirases/statu

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@GroxioLearning@twitter.com is thinking about opening an @elixirlang@twitter.com coaching service. One hour a week, dedicated to projects you are currently working on.

If we do so, we'll open it up to our students first.

Would this be interesting to you?

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When is the last time you used an imperative for-loop while programming ? Seriously. I can't even remember…

[This is of course a subtweet; the original one was about recursion. I use recursion all the time. It is interesting how different people can look at things.]

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Segurança em DevOps com @dscruzes@twitter.com (SINTEF/NTNU)

Daniela Soares Cruzes é pesquisadora sênior no SINTEF, instituição que realiza pesquisa aplicada na Noruega.


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The link above seems to be broken but this one is working. Lorn Tech interviews @dscruzes@twitter.com
#0606: SOFTWARE: Daniela Soares Cruzes: Software Security and Empirical Studies

Podcast xn--lrn-0na.TECH

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