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I have just completed my first @CodeCastApp@twitter.com series on Elixir.

Check it out: codecast.io/series/58-intro-to

Hope you will get excited about Elixir like me :)

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This is the Series I am starting tomorrow. Follow along with me on my journey to learn Elixir as a complete newbie! twitter.com/CodeCastApp/status

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After 15 years doing research in Software Engineering, I went for a new challenge with the goal to make sw development less chaotic 😀 I'm thrilled to join HOSPITALITY.digital as Scrum Master and to work with wordeful people to provide great solutions to the HoReCa domain.

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Good news is that most people seem to be changing their minds by themselves, after the huge failure of their choice in 2018.

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I felt incapable back in 2018.
Now I am resigned.

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Right now I'm incapable of dealing with the emotional result of seeing people I used to like, people I deemed intelligent and informed succumbing to antiv*x misinformation, alt-r or anc*p mindset.

The latest was a RT 'denouncing' the comm strategies to reduce vaccine hesitancy…

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Programming Phoenix LiveView by Bruce Tate (@redrapids@twitter.com) and Sophie DeBenedetto (@sm_debenedetto@twitter.com)

This book is your perfect guide to one of the most important new frameworks of our generation.


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@kamilskowron@twitter.com I'm automating synths using the BEAM with some pretty interesting soft-realtime constraints (making music).

The Erlang/Elixir aspect of the codebase is where I intend to place most of my effort going forwards.


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“A new normal in SE!?” - the theme of @ESEM_conf@twitter.com 2022: how the research, education or practice of SE may have changed for good. However, there is also the q of how much is new, or is it all just normal SE, perhaps something being applied more extensively? conf.researchr.org/home/esem-2

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Today is World Logic Day! 🧠

As programmers, this is a great day to celebrate

So here's a question for you

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One thing that continues to amaze me is how incredibly responsive and helpful @josevalim@twitter.com is.

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When your priority is that "all-important" acceptance rate, then utter stupidity like this happens. twitter.com/aruna__b/status/14

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Três vagas abertas para concurso de professor para o curso de Ciência da Computação na UFCA, campus Juazeiro do Norte. Engenharia de Software, Computação Gráfica e Hardware. Edital: ufca.edu.br/admissao/concursos
-Link da reabertura de inscrições: documentos.ufca.edu.br/wp-fold
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"If you see Object Orientation as syntax sugar, you have to answer the question: is the syntax sugar worth it?"

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