If it comes from @ICIJorg@twitter.com, I can't trust it completely.
Here im Brazil we never knew the names of all the Brazilians involved in and other money laundering scandals.

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NEW: Together with @buzzfeednews@twitter.com and 108 other media organizations we reveal the – our latest cross-border investigation.

Using super secretive bank documents and months of reporting, we expose how banks fail to stop dirty money flows. bit.ly/3kDpxwN

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We are likely to have three to four slots in our next cohort for beginning elixir programmers. Ping @GroxioLearning@twitter.com if you are interested. You don't have to have experience with Elixir.

The slot is for underrepresented in technology. We'll start in two weeks or so.

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@adolfont@twitter.com @mrjoelkemp@twitter.com Use pattern matching when you need it. Use struts when you need them. But don’t use structure as if they’re types in Go or Java or Haskell to try and have the compiler enforce some kind of “safety” guarantees.

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I agree

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Folks, can we stop trying to bolt a static type system on top of @elixirlang@twitter.com? If you want a Hindley-Milner type system, use a language with that type system. Trying to bolt it on just adds complexity and doesn’t actually give you the benefit of a great type system.

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Happy to announce a new $3M NSF grant, collaboration between UC Davis and U Mass, to study empirically sustainability in OSS projects: nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?. Now hiring postdocs and grad students. Contact: filkov@cs.ucdavis.edu.

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We need to understand what software is doing and which implications this brings.
It is about safety, it is about ethics. twitter.com/colinmadland/statu

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I went to a friend's brithday party. He had a computer. I bought one a few months later and started to learn how to program in BASIC. At that time there wasn't most you could do with a computer besides programming. Yes, there were some games but not many and they were expensive.

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What got you into coding?

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Disabled people really won't forget that what we were always told was too expensive, inconvenient or simply impossible to make our lives more accessible was done for able-bodied people as soon as the pandemic hit, because it was always possible. They just didn't want to.

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esses dias eu assisti ao documentario the social dilemma na netflix e me lembrou demais a entrevista do @adolfont@twitter.com com o @RuanBrandao@twitter.com. Diria que documentario meus amigos... indico demais assistirem, por sinal poderia ser um belissimo tema para a botecada da @juuh42dias@twitter.com

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Prime Minister @erna_solberg@twitter.com highlights the importance of creating robust energy solutions for the future, and quotes @nntaleb@twitter.com 's "Antifragile" framework of thinking as a pathway for doing so. Today live at our digital Energy Conference.

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There are 40 references to Popper and an explanation that the Black Swan Logical Problem is NOT his.
Never BS on Twitter; never talk about a book you haven't read. twitter.com/AlexisKummetat/sta

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Já escutou a primeira parte do nosso episódio sobre code smells com @marcelo_a_maia@twitter.com (🎧➡️ anchor.fm/fronteirases/episode)? Logo mais lançamos a segunda! 😎

Enquanto isso, nos ajuda com o próximo episódio? Vamos falar sobre refatoração!

Quais são suas dúvidas? 🤔

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I just finished listening to all of @redrapids@twitter.com' Julia interviews, and I really enjoyed them. Julia sounds like it has great community and I'm really looking forward to trying out the language. twitter.com/redrapids/status/1

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"Why a book?
The scientific teaching method we follow is the Dreyfus learning model. Books provide the metaphors experts need to build context, step-by-step instructions for beginners, and the exercises that intermediates need to learn." @GroxioLearning@twitter.com

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