Have you seen this, @redrapids@twitter.com?
It is on page 3 of the free sample.

"I first found out about Elixir when reading Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks. Several years before I had read the first book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, and found Erlang to be interesting,"

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Elixir Function Guide, by @chriseyre2000@twitter.com

A guide to the functions available in Elixir

Are Elixir and Clojure the coolest languages which do not have a big organization (such as Apple, Google, Mozilla) behind?


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Hey Elixir Twitter! 🙋‍♂️😃

Who else enjoy's the wonderful @elixirlang@twitter.com language & ecosystem?
Who's new to the community?

Let's connect 👋

Leave a comment 👇
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Tune in to Elixir Wizards to hear DockYarder and Creator of the Phoenix framework @chris_mccord@twitter.com share his journey, the latest in LiveView, and how developers can experiment with it to have fun building interactive . smartlogic.io/podcast/elixir-w

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What's next for José Valim and Elixir?
from acquihire to helping teams run Elixir in production

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"If the professor is not capable of giving a class without preparation, don't attend. People should only teach what they have learned organically, through experience and curiosity or get another job." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb in The Bed of Procrustes

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One of our daughters (who never liked kayaking with us) recently bought a kayak and the other just said out loud "I really enjoy programming." High five @redrapids@twitter.com

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🔥 Just added a new 22-min video (+ a challenging exercise!) to our free LiveView course.

We use Ecto and changesets to dynamically create volunteers. As a bonus: using phx-update and temporary_assigns reduces memory at web scale. 👌


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Direito à Imagem: O que não te contaram!
Live às 14h30 no canal da @UTFPR_Curitiba@twitter.com

cc @annaeso@twitter.com

Official confirmation that my high school colleague, a professor at @uepbonline@twitter.com, is dead.

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Graphic recording of the talk of @redrapids@twitter.com at @ErlangSolutions@twitter.com BEAM meetup

@FrancescoC@twitter.com @GroxioLearning@twitter.com

Author: @carlogilmar@twitter.com

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The Groxio Elixir course on July 22-24 will include a good amount of OTP, and focus on how to layer systems. We still have multiple seats available. Ping @GroxioLearning@twitter.com for details.

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