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it has been a rough week in Elixir-land. Let's spread some joy by sharing a person that made a big positive difference in your career.

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Entre os egressos do PPGCA está @wbissi@twitter.com, Diretor de Engenharia do EBANX.
Aqui ele no evento Code Your Way youtu.be/2_fFYDZZvck

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Faremos live sobre o processo seletivo do Mestrado Profissional em Computação Aplicada (PPGCA UTFPR) na semana que vem

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I read that someone has the opinion that the Elixir community members should be scrutinized. Hi, I am Martin. I once build Tortoise, and I have been working on an update to MQTT5, it has taken a bit longer than planned, but someday…Gosh, I've said that for a while—It will happen

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It is like you are sucked into this black hole, that will take every last drop of you. It will take your code, it will take your patience, and it will take your energy. There is hardly an upside. You can only resist due to the love for the things you created.

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You know what sucks the most about all of this? Is that it always ends up on the maintainers to make concessions.

You make a large contribution, for free, and you are now the one who needs to distance from community places, deal with bad actors, etc.

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For the second dose I went to a different health unit, closer to home.

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After taking the first dose.

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Ready to deploy Elixir to production? Do you know which options exist for deploying @elixirlang@twitter.com apps?

Let's explore the current landscape of hosting:

A 🧵 👇🏽

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Make sure to update the OTP version in your Elixir projects by the end of September to avoid potential service interruptions! Listen to @voltonez@twitter.com to better understand the situation. twitter.com/ThinkingElixir/sta

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✨ TIL ExUnit can automatically create a unique temporary directory for you during tests @elixirlang@twitter.com

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I created a thing! Just published a tiny "fully working" but very pre-alpha/experimental package that I'm really excited about, and it will be introduced in my newest video 😍 I called it "fEx" (functional Elixir). Opinions? Suggestions?


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O que é a GambiConf? 🐒

A GambiConf é um evento tech diferente.

A proposta é se divertir com sátiras envolvendo computação, apresentando experimentos lúdicos e compartilhando experiências inusitadas!

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In Utrecht, strongly looking forward to going in person to @UniUtrecht@twitter.com.

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We're hiring Erlang developers for the Samsung Ads team in Mountain View California! If you got skillz hit me up!

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New version of : hex.pm/packages/rebar3_hank/1.

The plugin to remove from your projects!

Thanks @my_olive_tree@twitter.com and @g_m_andrade@twitter.com from @Miniclip@twitter.com :)

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There it is Elixir based Android app with SQLite as database, load into your android studio, try it, fork it, pls provide feedback github.com/elixir-desktop/andr

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enthusiasts are you excited?!

This month we bring you Learning Functional Programming with Elixir by the astonishing @adolfont@twitter.com on 24th Sept at 3pm EAT.

Don't miss out on this bit.ly/3tQcdep and share with your networks

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Question from todays @ElixirKenya@twitter.com meetup.
Why do we need to pass in a function to Agent.get? Why doesn't it just return the state?

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