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If you have ever argued that you have to pay your PhD students below the poverty line because otherwise you wouldn't get your research done, you might be an evil bastard.

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📢 Attention @TheErlef@twitter.com community:

Join us at the workshop! 🌱

Don't forget to submit your paper, there's time until tomorrow!

+Info: erlef.org/blog/education/icfp-

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For those of you who attended the ML Math webinar, I just finished a video on the purpose of activation functions in FluxML. It shows a model that won't converge, and a model that does. I'll make it available for free. The last webinar will use Elixir's Axon and Nx.

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Elixir Wizards S6E1 Robert Virding on the Roots of Erlang elixirstatus.com/=wu8ZL /cc @elixirweekly@twitter.com

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Elixir em Produção com Vitor Leal, CTO da Solfácil by @herminiotorres@twitter.com elixirstatus.com/=fFuKB /cc @elixirweekly@twitter.com

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Looking to hire a few Elixir engineers in Latin America. DM me if you are interested and share if you know someone who might be.


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I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this, but if I can I'm hoping to go. We'll see how the new hybrid format works out! twitter.com/ElixirConfEU/statu

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Want to learn more about Livebook? The Utah Elixir May meetup will have Jonatan Kłosko, the developer of Livebook, present about it virtually. People outside Utah are welcome to attend as well! meetup.com/utah-elixir/events/

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"She describes her approach in designing various research studies, the process she used to identify challenges and barriers to engagement in communities such as StackOverflow and GitHub, and how she and her collaborators went about building interventions."

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Elixir might be turning me into a TDD chad

when your testing infrastructure isn't complete garbage, it's a pretty nice experience 😄

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If you are a programmer and have always wondered what machine learning is about but just can't penetrate the math, this session is for you. We'll talk about training and loss functions. twitter.com/adolfont/status/13

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The second episode of the Elixir em Foco podcast is out.
We have interviewed Vitor Leal, a CTO at Solfácil.
People from Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Guiné Bissau and other Portuguese-speaking countries: we want your feedback!

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Saiu o episódio 2 do @elixiremfoco@twitter.com: open.spotify.com/episode/0t1Mj

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Please amplify this 🙏:
@clowdr_app@twitter.com is looking for good developers who want to work on a product designed to decrease carbon emissions and increase accessibility of conferences clowdr.org/jobs
Work from home. Slight preference for ppl in the European time zone.

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As a researcher, one of the toughest- but often most important - things we have to do is to significantly change or walk away from a project idea that we love. But, you are not your ideas and you will always have more ideas.

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We wanted to use Instagram ads to highlight how ad tech invades your privacy. Instead, Facebook shut our account down: signal.org/blog/the-instagram-

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The second Machine Learning webinar with @redrapids@twitter.com is going to be today

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Join us for Groxio Monthlies - our webinar series on interesting computer programming topics. Currently we are exploring Machine Learning Math. Here's last month's webinar: youtu.be/pZD6El7kxZ4 If you haven't signed up yet, register at bit.ly/GroxioMLMath to join us!

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One of Brazil's most popular comedians died of COVID-19. Paulo Gustavo was a box-office phenomenon, aged 42. twitter.com/g1/status/13897491

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