Uncle Bob being schooled.
Part 1

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@unclebobmartin@twitter.com Bob, you’re interpreting the phrase “defund the police” too literally. Nobody’s saying “get rid of cops.” What they are saying is to stop using cops for inappropriate things (like domestic violence or traffic stops), and if the culture is corrupt, replace all of ‘em.

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Charlatan @StefanMolyneux@twitter.com promoted quackeries as scientific facts (incl country IQ) to >1 million YouTube subscribers.

Includes episode abt me.

His Youtube was cancelled.

Don't tell me it was about science. There is no "science". It's about hate.

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There is a sinister racist-eugenist program tying intelligence to race, meant to degrade populations, with policy implications on welfare, immigration, & more sinister matters.
The country IQ is fake news, entirely concocted.


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Also, experimenting with “literate programming”, telling stories mixing text and code and output like a notebook but with just Elixir, two functions, and a macro. Here’s my code in a unit test, and its console output.

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14 years ago, Howard Zinn, an inspiring, persistent, hopeful radical who radiated decency, wrote a short essay for July 4th called “Put Away the Flags.” It reminds us that "we need to assert our allegiance to the human race, and not to any one nation": is.gd/qhUJc8

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Four postdoc positions at Lund University, Dept. of Computer Science. Research topics
1. Code reviews
2. Continuous automated testing
3. Software near-clones
4. Updating of service-based software


Deadline August 21,…lnkd.in/eyy6Ziu lnkd.in/ePfuFDv

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Academics trying to publish, write grants, teach, mentor, move courses online, watch their kids, write rec letters, keep up with the literature, balance budgets, complete trainings, and review papers at 100% capacity during a pandemic

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Please stop justifying the "growing interest" in the field with a pubmed search. It's hard to find a keyword where there ISN'T an increase in papers. Here's e.g."banana".

I award a virtual banana for anyone who can show me a keyword for which the plot shows the reverse pattern.

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São Paulo anunciou que pretende retomar eventos presenciais a partir de 27 de Julho.
O que você pensa a respeito:

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My model papers: whenever I write a paper/draft, there are my go-to papers that I always refer as a model paper for each section 👉👉 thread.. 1/n

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I'm excited to launch our first Phoenix Live View feature - the new Report Summary in @rocketvalidator@twitter.com shows the main accessibility and HTML issues found, in real time. Check out the video:


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Live View is awesome, I love how much custom JavaScript I have deleted, and the simpler programming model. Just mount, render and respond to events, almost no JS needed! (in this case, just some hooks to re-fresh the Progressbar.js widgets)

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“This idea that somebody more or less discovers, suddenly, that they’re extremely good at something, I’ve yet to find even a single example of that type of phenomenon.” twitter.com/adolfont/status/12

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Check out this episode on @breaker@twitter.com:

What Went Wrong in Brazil
The Daily


Who is going to write one of this for @elixirlang@twitter.com?

Python Brain Teasers: Exercise Your Mind pragprog.com//titles/d-pybrain

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